Company Management

Our company's core mission is very simple: "To convey the World's information". We all share a passion for languages and aim to use the latest innovations in technology to solve the most challenging problems pertaining to localization, internationalization and globalization of information. Our team is comprised by veterans of the localization industry. We bring our broad expertize and passion to each project.

We employ a very diverse and large number of linguists and software localization engineers. We are confident to say that our work force is one the most capable in this industry.

Alex Buran - CEO

Alex Buran
President & CEO

Alex created the company from scratch in 2001 without any outside financing. Since then, TSU organically grew from a single entrepreneur into a leading localization company in the United States. Alex holds a Bachelors Degree in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management from CUNY Baruch College and Harvard MBA.



Tanya Pell
VP of Operations

Tanya joined the company in 2005 to provide a high level of management in operations and finance. She contributes to the company's day-to-day operations and flawless project management process. Tanya holds a Bachelors Degree in Finance.



Kathy Vrool
VP of Client Relations

Kathy is overseeing a client relations department and is responsible for an excellent customer service our clients get. At the moment of this article, our overall customer satisfaction is 96% which is equivalent to A.



Andrew Sylvester
Chief Technology Officer

Andrew has an extensive knowledge of Internet technologies and broad experience working with all kinds of software platforms and packages. He is overseeing the web localization department and ensures a flawless operation over the web.



Mattew Bramowicz
VP of Marketing

Matt Bramowicz joined the company in 2010, and leads the marketing department with a core focus on graphic design, content writing, and social media management. He is responsible for any graphic elements and written materials for the company, including but not limited to blog posts, brochures, magazine articles, advertisements and press releases. He also assists in project coordination and recruiting. Matt graduated from Dickinson College with a BA in English and a minor in Fine Arts.