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Certified Transcript Translation

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Do you plan to attend school overseas? Or are you a recent graduate looking for employment in a foreign country?

If the answer to either of these two questions is "yes," Translation Services USA can help provide you with certified transcript translation services that are guaranteed to be accepted by any foreign agency.

Certified translation provides you with a signed and notarized statement that attests to the accuracy and quality of the completed translation. It won't just give you peace of mind—certified translations are accepted and required by courts and government agencies in order to confirm that the submitted translation is truthful and accurate.

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What other translation services may I need?

If you need certified transcript translation, we also provide some additional services that you may find useful, including:

Will certified translation take longer? What else do I need to provide?

When you order a ceritifed transcript translation from Translation Services USA, you don't have provide anything extra beyond your original transcripts. When your translation is complete, we will mail you a notarized affidavit along with the translated text.

And our certified translation services are just as fast as any other translation method because we use a network of professional translators located around the world to complete your translation on time and accurately.

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