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Certified Change of Name Translation

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If you've ever had to change your legal name, whether for marriage, divorce, your career, or any other number of personal reasons, then you know full well how complicated and time consuming the process can be.

So, if you're moving, working, or deadling with any sort of business overseas that requires you to prove your identity, chances are showing your legal change of name documents will be required, as many other documents (such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports, and so on) may still have your old name on them.

And these types of documents, though they may be perfectly legal, aren't going to mean much to anyone if the country you're presenting them to doesn't officially recognize the language your documents are in. Therefor, having a translated change of name certificate ready to go is your best bet to help expedite the process. And Translation Services USA will help make it simple for you!

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What's involved in certified translation of my change of name documents?

The first step in the translation process is just that—having your change of name certificate or other documents translated by a professional, human translator. A machine translation through services like Google Translate is not going to work, as there's no guarantee of accuracy or validity of the translated information. And don't worry, our translators are located around the world, and many specialize in fields like government relations and law, so they'll know all the proper wording and formatting when translating your important documents.

The next step is the certification process. This step is key, as many courts and government agencies won't recognize translated documents unless the translation has been certified.

Certified translation involves having the translator make a sworn statement as to the accuracy of the translated text, which is then signed and notarized. Certifying your translation guarantees acceptance by most government agencies, including USCIS acceptance.

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