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Technical Terms Translation

Technical terms.

Technical terms translation is a complicated subject that requires not only an understanding of the source and target languages, as with most translation projects, but also a deep knowledge of specialized terminology and jargon that may be confusing or wholly unknown to the public at large.

A qualified technical translator must possess these three key features in order to ensure that any technical terms in your project are translated accurately:

  1. A background in technology, especially in whichever specialized niche or field you may work in; a network may refer to one thing for someone in a corporate IT department and something else entirely for a web developer, for example, and a good technical translator should be able to differentiate and translate the terms accurately for a given field.
  2. Speaks the target language of your project natively. The simple fact is, people understand their native language inherently, on a subconscious level that doesn't require as much thought as additional, learned languages. Technical translations involve a lot of terminology that may seemingly have a separate, literal meaning (such as a "bug," for example). For these projects, a native-speaking translator is absolutely necessary for the best quality translation of technical terms.
  3. Lives in the country your project is targeted to, if necessary. If your project involves translating a technical manual for use overseas, for example, we'll find a translator who lives in the country the manual is to be used in; this way, any local quirks, phrases, or other nuances that may differ from country to country, or even region to region, can be interpreted in a way that is recognizable and understandable to whomever the translation is intended.
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Luckily, if you order translation of technical terms through Translation Services USA, you won't have to worry about that, as we only hire the best professional, human translators, and assign them based on their experience in a given industry and only to projects where they can translate into their native language.

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