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Certified Resume Translation


Applying for a new job can be a real challenge these days, but applying for a job overseas can sometimes seem like an insurmountable task.

If you're looking for a job in another country that speaks a different language, you're probably considering resume translation services. Translation Services USA can translate your resume into almmost any language, and can provide you with a certified translation of your resume as well to guarantee the accuracy of completed translation.

Additionally, if you're appling for a job with a foreign government or another agency that works on government contracts, getting a certified translation of your resume may actually be required in order for it to be accepted.

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Why would certified translation be necessary to translate my resume?

As mentioned, it all depends on where you plan to work. Certification can provide simple peace of mind for you, but it may also be required to work in or with government agencies. Additionally, most courts will require certification for any translated document they will consider before they accept the translated text as accurate and legal.

Getting a certified translation for your resume can also help guarantee USCIS acceptance.

How do I get certified resume translation?

Just place a regular order with Translation Services USA, and select the "certified translation" option. That's it! You don't need to provide us with any additional documentation or emails—we'll handle the rest from there.

When your translation is complete, we will prepare a statement attesting to the quality and accuracy of your translation, which will then be signed and notarized and sent to you along with the completed translation.

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