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Scientific Proofreading


One of the great things about science is that, generally speaking, the scientific community is fairly open and happy to communicate with one another. That can be difficult, of course, when you're trying to share your results or question the studies of someone across the globe and you don't share a common language, but that's where the benefit of scientific translation comes in.

A scientific translation is different from other forms of document translation because it requires that the translator be aware of the specialized terminology and utilized in scientific papers. And as the scientific fields become more specialized, it's all the more important that the translator has some background in that field that they can use their experience with to accurately translate your text.

When you've worked hard on a research paper, an article for a journal, or another scientific document and had the text translated, the importance of accuracy is immeasurable, especially when sharing results of an experiment or technological breakthrough. If work is to be truly peer reviewed (in a broader sense of the term), and your peers happen to live overseas, then making sure they are able to comprehend your original text is key.

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Just like with your original paper, the best way to ensure the translated version is through proofreading. Scientific proofreading for translation not only involves the accuracy of the translated text itself (relative to the rules of the target language), but also involves comparing the translatino to your original text, ensuring that the ideas and messages you've conveyed in your source language are appropriately duplicated in the final document as well.

If you have a scientific paper or other text you need translated, be sure to ask for a scientific proofreader to review your final translation when submitting a quote request. And if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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