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Certified Medical Translator

Stethoscope and medical instruments.

Having a scheduled medical procedure or medical emergency is one of the most stressful things that a person can go through, and having to deal with medical issues internationally compounds the complexity and stress tenfold.

Translation Services USA can help ease some of the burden with certified medical translation services. Certifying the accuracy and quality of your translated medical records, waivers, and other documents will lift a heavy weight off your shoulders, and you can rest a bit easier knowing that the people who put your or your loved ones' lives in their hands get the exact information they need.

What is Certified Translation for Medical Text?

When dealing with any translation project, certified translation refers to a translation completed by a professional who then signs an affadavit indicating the quality of their work; the affadavit is then notarized by a licensed notary public, whose stamp is recognized by government and other officials, signifying that the translation is satisfactory and accurate.

You can imagine why havint this affadavit would be important when it comes to medical documents. Nothing is more important than one's health, and having an accurate representation of that information available to medical professionals is an absolute must in order to receive quality medical care.

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Certified Medical Text Internationalization

Just like with contracts and other legal documents, when a procedure is being done abroad (or a patient from overseas is receiving medical care locally), having medical text properly internationalized is very important.

Internationalization means that not only is your text translated word-for-word, but the all of the formatting, measurements, units, and other compliance issues required by law are "translated" from one country's standards to another as well. Even countries that speak the same language (for example, bringing medical records from the United Kingdom for use by doctors in the United States) may require that medical texts be internationalized prior to acceptance and use.

You can trust Translation Services USA when it comes to certified translation of medical text. We've been in the business for over 15 years and have translated hundreds of officially-recognized medical documents for doctors, patients, and caregivers from around the world. Contact us now for a free consultation!

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