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Certified Rental Agreement Translation


If you're moving, working, or going to school overseas and you plan to rent a house or apartment, or if you need to prove the terms of an overseas rental agreement in a court of law, you're going to need a translation of the rental agreement available in both the language you speak and the language recognized by the court.

The only way courts and other official agencies will recognize a translated legal document, such as a rental agreement, is if it is provided with a certified translation of the text.

What is a certified translation? In short, it's a means of guaranteeing to the court or other government agency that the translation of the original text is accurate. This is guaranteed by presenting them with a signed and sealed statement by the translation provider attesting to that statement. Then, and only the, will they feel confident in accepting the text of the translation as part of any legally binding document.

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How to get a certified rental agreement translation.

If you're seeking a certified translation for a rental agreement, Translation Services USA is here to help. We have over 15 years of experience providing businesses and individual clients from aruond the world with high quality, professional, human translation services for all kinds of documents, including specialized legal ones like rental agreements.

When you place an order with us, you don't need to provide anything extra to get the official, certified translation—we'll handle it all.

We'll find a native-speaking translator with experience translating legal documents to make sure that your text is highly accurate, no matter how much complicated legal language may be included in the text.

Getting a certified translation for your rental agreement can also help guarantee USCIS acceptance, so you can be sure your translation is legitimate.

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