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Translation for Government Agencies and Contractors

Government Agencies and Contractors

Government agencies are required to serve all members of society equally. Because of immigration, not all people speak English in America, and this does not exclude them from using social services and government programs. Translating forms and pamphlets, billboards and public service announcements into other languages is something that national agencies all the way on down to local townships are doing to better serve the needs of a diverse population.

Different types of governments exist and interact every day, one commonality is that official documents, birth certificates, marriage certificates etc. are all required to prove various things. Our translation services for official government documents is certified and notarized if you require.

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The key to the most accurate Government translation is using the right translators. At Translations Services USA we've excelled at Government translations, as well as providing translation serviecs for various other industries, for years and we've got translator selection down to a fine art.

Writing and receiving government grants can be translated. Municipalities and branches of the federal government require translators to communicate. Today press conference and press releases are the source of government information. If your company works with a foreign government, you may need to translate these pieces of information as they may be vital to your businesses operating procedure.

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