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Hardware, Software, and Technology Industries


Striving to improve the customer experience and building strong brand loyalty is a constant challenge in the highly competitive IT industry. With product differentiation increasingly harder to achieve, the key to customer loyalty is to increase value and personalization with the best possible customer interactions in their native language. Yet this can be enormously complex and costly to manage.

Professional Translators Trained in Hardware, Software, and Technology

Translation Cloud linguists are native speaking, professionally-trained, translators and editors located in their country. They have translation degrees and years of hands-on experience in their particular language.

We've developed translation style guides, terminology databases, and detailed processes to ensure that our translation projects consistently deliver high quality results.

Software and Technology Tranlations for Any Project, Language, or Budget

Whatever a product might be, for each step in the software engineering process (design, development, documentation, manufacturing, QA testing, and customer support), engineering teams create large quantities of essential information.

  • Operating Systems
  • Firmware
  • CRM applications
  • ERP systems
  • Booking Software
  • Databases
  • Games

Translation Cloud provides translation services for all major languages. In fact, our company offers localization services in over 100 languages.

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Translation Services USA is by far one of the largest New York and New Jersey-based language translation companies.

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