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Voicemail Transcription


Some providers offer automated voicemail transcription services, such as Verizon's Voicemail to Text for iPhone and Google Voice's voicemail transcription services, which attempt to use computer technology to automatically provide transcripts of messages in your cellphone's voicemail. While these can be useful for getting the gist of the message, the results are of mixed quality and often you end up needing to listen to the voicemail again anyway to make sure you get all the details right.

If you're in need of a voicemail transcript, either because the information is long, detailed, and important, or for whatever reason you need, Translation Services USA is here to offer our transcription for voicemail service to you at minimal cost and via our highest quality, professional, human voicemail transcribers.

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If possible, the easiest way for us to transcribe voicemail and other digital audio is to have it converted into a universal, compressed format such as an MP3. This will allow our professional transcribers to get a high quality recording of your voicemail messages without unnecessarily using a lot of space or bandwidth. In the long run, this will also help save you money on your transcription of voicemail project.

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