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Certified Vaccination Record Translation

Medical instruments.

If you're traveling abroad, chances are you're going to need to provide a translated version of your vaccination record in order to be granted permission to enter most foreign territories.

If the country you're visiting won't accept your documents in their current language, you will need to provide them with a certified translation of your vaccination records.

Getting your vaccination records certified will allow you to provide any foreign agency or court with a signed and notarized statement that attests to the accuracy of your translated text.

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Why is certification necessary?

Without having a certified translation, your vaccination records will be rejected by most governments. Foreign nations trying to protect their own citizens want to know that the information they are being given is truthful and accurate.

Providing them with a signed and notarized affidavit is the only way that they can be assured the text was translated in a competent and accurate manner, and that the information you are presenting them can be trusted.

What other translation services may I need?

If you need certified vaccination record translation, we also provide some additional services that you may find useful, including:

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