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Science Translation for Medicine


When it comes to the sciences, translation for medicine offers more challenges than most any other industry. Translation for medicine can include projects such as:

  • Translation of medical research papers
  • Marketing material translation
  • Translation for medicine packaging
  • And more.

An error in any one of these aspects can lead to dangerous circumstances for patients and their doctors, as well as expensive corrections and recalls, so having a skilled, professional translator with experience translating in the medical field is very important.

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Translation for medicine is one of the most important translation services that we provide, and for good reason: translating medicine can be a literal life or death situation. It requires a professional translator who:

  1. Natively speaks the target language, to ensure that they have a full, ingrained understanding of the language at a base level.
  2. Experience in medical translation, as the field has lots of specialized terminology and jargon that may be unknown or misunderstood by a layman.
  3. Lives in the country you are targeting, to make sure they are aware of any social quirks and nuances specific to that country; additionally, medical standards and procedures differ greatly from country to country, and having a translator who is aware of those differences is key to safe and legal translation.

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