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Whispered Interpretation


Whispered interpretation is a specialized form of simultaneous interpretation that is typically used only in special circumstances where the specialized listening and speaking equipment (e.g. headphones and microphones) are not available.

Simultaneous interpreting typically involves the speaker speaking into a microphone while the interpreter listens on headphones, usually from an isolated location away from both the speaker and listener. The interpreter then speaks the translated version of the speaker's words into a microphone as the words are being said (in other words, simultaneously). Finally, the listener than hears the interpreter's translated speech via his or her own headset.

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While simultaneous interpreting is typically reserved for large scale conferences and other meetings (such as those of the United Nations) where there are lots of (financial) resources available. However, the same effect can be created through whispered interpreting, where instead of using microphones and headphones, the interpreter is in the same room and literally whispers the speaker's translated speech directly into the ear of the listener.

This situation is not always ideal, but it can be very valuable in a pinch. If you believe you may need a whispered interpreter, contact us now and we'll help answer any questions you may have, get you an estimate, or setup an appointment!

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