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Legal Terminology Translation

Legal terminology.

Legal terms are often confusing enough for the layman to understand, but when a contract or other legal document needs to be translated between two languages, things can quickly become confusing even for the most experienced interpreters of the law.

Legal terminology is infamous for its double meanings. Consider the following terms, what they actually mean, and what it sounds like they mean to the average person:

Term Legal Meaning Interpretation
assault threatening someone with violence battery
battery unlawful physical acting upon a threat assault
robbery theft committed by using physical force against a victim burglary
burglary theft committed when breaking into a residence, business, or other facility robbery

While these terms may seem obvious to those who work in a legal field, they are commonly misunderstood by most others. This is why it is very important to find a translator with experience in legal terminology translaton, who knows the nuances between legal terms, to ensure that you can accurately convey your message to a client, judge, or jury who may not speak the same language.

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At Translation Services USA, we only work with professional human translators, and when you need translation for legal terminology, we find a native-speaking translator with precious experience in translating legal terminology to make sure your completed project is accurate. We can also provide certified translation services to guarantee the finished translation is accurate and acceptable to the standards of any court, at home or abroad.

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