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Best quality legal translation by Translation Cloud

While there are lots of people in the world that are fluent in two or even more languages, the number with the degrees of proficiency required for accurate translation is much smaller sized. Of these, less still have the essential experience, qualifications as well as qualifications for professional translation. When you narrow down your standards…

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4 reasons every college kid needs to intern at a tech startup

With summer here, we’d like to welcome our new summer interns to the office, and to celebrate, hare are 4 reasons we think every college student should intern at a tech startup such as Translation Cloud. 1. Learn to think on your feet. Big companies cover their trainees with a safety and security blanket. Startups simply…

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The Importance of Finding the Right Medical Translation Professional

Best practices in the translation industry dictates that any translator you employ should be an indigenous speaker of your project’s target language. A native speaker of your target language can recognize ways to translate the content and (importantly) intent into the other language, where a non-native speaker can easily make errors. This is specifically important…

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What Makes a “High Quality” Translation?

When targeting the ideal top quality of translation for your firm, you need to take into account risk level, brand, material rate and also volume, as well as persuasiveness. Are there lives at stake if localization is wrong? Could an added area or inaccurate spelling drain accounts or prompt a lawsuit? What about clinical device…

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An Important Ruling on Translating and Interpreting for the Courts

Currently, federal regulations state that those on the losing side of a lawsuit may be required to compensate the winning side for payment of court interpreters. Now however, the question the Supreme Court has to currently decide is whether or not these prices include those pertaining to lawful record translation as well as written translation…

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A Quick and Easy Guide to Taking Your Firm Global.

We love firms that make a decision to go international. But don’t let anyone tell you it’s easy. We deal with a great deal of small- and mid-size organizations as well as enterprises that are taking the jump of worldwide growth for the first time. Some do excellently, others have problems as they expand beyond internationl boundaries….

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Q: Why is Localization Important? A: Fried Fish!

Now more than ever, localization (and not just simply translation) is one of the most important aspects of being able to compete globally. Even mega sites like Amazon sometimes struggle competing with smaller providers who can offer a better, more relatable experience to users in foreign markets. Just translating your documents or the words of…

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Translation Cloud Raises US$2MM

We’re extremely proud to announce that Translation Cloud has raised a Series B investment of US$2 million. The financial investment included our Collection A financiers. Translation Cloud enjoyed an effective 2016, and our team and experience has enabled us to continue to do well throughout 2017 and beyond. Successes like our integration with YouTube are…

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Reach Global Consumers with Translation

Want to boost your brand recognition and reach out to potential customers around the globe? For businesses aiming to expand their brand abroad, adequately translating their marketing and internet content is crucial. English content gets to much less than one-third of worldwide customers, suggesting that American businesses with English-only content are ignoring over 70% of…

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Translation Cloud’s 2017 Progress Report. Off to a Good Start!

We’re now officially half-way through 2017, and Translation Cloud’s had a terrific year so far! We figured it was time for progress report, where we’ll review the things we’ve achieved, as well as a preview of what’s to come throughout the rest of the year. Our mission to translate the world’s content is simply beginning! A…

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