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Top 12 WordPress translation plugins 2019

Have you already tried adding a translation plugin to your WordPress site? I know, WordPress has so many of them available for us that sometimes choosing the right one can be quite a difficult and exhausting decision. That’s why in today’s post we’ll present you with the top 12 WordPress plugins and their respective features…

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Everything Japan has to offer

It’s no secret that Japanese economy grows stronger and steadier by the day, powered by their exceptional ability for hard work and focus. Over the years, this country has opened up its economy as a thriving nest for new business to develop and some other established business to grow and expand. The ever-growing investment and…

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How to translate your online Shopify store

Shopify is a versatile ecommerce platform that allows you to create localized versions of your store. This means you’re offered the possibility of increasing your sales and conversion rates abroad by having your front end store and checkout process available in more than one language. Some of these Shopify translation tools are available by default,…

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Multilingual Cybertruck? Alex Buran unveils a new AI technology to make your new Tesla truck smarter.

The news about Ilon Musk’s new cybertruck has roared the internet. Testa had received 180,000 pre-orders for a new cybertruck that would hit the showrooms soon 2021… However, our leading translation agency is staying ahead of the digital curve! Today, our founder Alex Buran had unveiled an intention to build a new AI multilingual platform…

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How to use discounts, offers and coupons to drive your sales and conversions

Let’s face it. Everyone loves discounts, offers and free stuff. That’s why getting hold of these as conversion tools can have a significant impact on your customer loyalty. But, offers, coupons and discounts may be powerful double-edged swords if used the wrong way. As ecommerce grows steadier and smarter every year, soon enough online retailers…

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How to expand your business to the global market

Marketing professionals know well that very few companies start off with a proper international marketing strategy in place. Growing the business into new markets is a gradual process driven by fresh revenue opportunities, new partnerships and networking relationships. But, even if these companies do not have a strategic marketing plan with a view to entering…

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Heads up for new applicants filing in Japan

If you are looking to file your patent in Japan, then you should know there are a couple challenges to take into consideration when doing so. In recent years, Japan has become the third country for patent application around the globe, right after China and United States. As a matter of fact, only in 2018 were…

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Sam Dey Review

Youtube Review from Sam Dey

We love when bloggers write about us, especially when these are Youtube bloggers! Meet Sam Dey. He just published this new video review about our website translation service This is really exciting!

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4 Powerful Reasons to Translate your Hotel Website

If you are in the hotel industry, you may have noticed that the competition grows fiercer every year. Hoteliers usually have to face off seasons and keep up with new marketing strategies to face the increased competition from other accommodation providers. Attracting new customers to your facilities must be a never-ceasing uphill battle. That’s why…

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The silver lining of popups and the 5 top WordPress popup plugins

Let’s talk about popups. Yes, most of us have felt that way at some point. In fact, according to some studies, people just hate popups. They find them obnoxious rather than useful or interesting at all. Some people even feel their browsing experience gets ruined by popups! But, we can’t turn blind eyes to the…

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