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How to Translate InDesign Files Online – 2022

How to Translate InDesign Files Online?

Translating an InDesign file is a very time-intensive task when it’s done by hand. But that said, there are a few tools and tactics that can help in preparing the file for translation and automating the manual tasks. There is an easy and free way to do it with help of

Translate any .idml Adobe InDesign file into any language: English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean and even Hebrew!


Time Codes:
0:01 – How to translate an InDesign File
0:20 – Search for DocTranslator on Google
0:35 – Register a Free Account
0:48 – Choose a IDML document to upload
1:10 – Select original and target languages
2:05 – Click on “Translate” button to translate Adobe InDesign
2:29 – Click on “Download” button and save the translated file

Free InDesign document translation service for files up to 2,000 words. Larger files incur a small fee.

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