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Case Study: Black Roofing Inc.


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Translating Employee Handbook, Contracts, and Agreements

The Overview

Black Roofing, Inc. had begun expanding its company, and landing additional construction contracts – with this came the need to expand their team. Black Roofing, Inc needed to make sure all of their current and new employees were aware of all of the changes being made to the policies which required document translation of multiple company documents.

Client Challenge

Black Roofing, Inc. needed to make sure all of their current and new employees were able to have an equal opportunity to review and agree to new company policies that were going to be taking place through within the new year. With this there were documents employees needed to sign and return to the HR department, and HR needed to have all documents translated to meet their employees complete understanding of the changes.

Translations Services USA Solution

Translations Services USA was able to get the handbook translated not only quickly and accurately, we were also able to translate the Employee Contracts and Agreements that needed to be returned to the HR department. With a tight deadline for the documents to be submitted back to HR, not only was Translations Services USA able to meet the deadline we also gave Black Roofing, Inc. enough time to review and make changes to the policies before they were handed out to the employees.

The Results

Translations Services USA assists Black Roofing, Inc. with translating all of their employee documents to make sure all of the employees had an equal opportunity to review and ask questions in regards to all changes being made through out the company.

The Features The Benefits
  • Receive documents from the company with the project requirements
  • Receive the multiple target language translation requests
  • Gather the program needed to complete the requested job (DOC, PDF)
  • Provide certification and Notary to all legal documents
  • Increase in productivity
  • Lower rates
  • Fast Quality Service
  • Constant customer contact
  • Project progress could be tracked
  • Customer Service Representatives available in the USA

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