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Translation Services USA provides high-quality translation services for Portuguese language pairs. Our team is able to perform written translations, official translations (documents, projects, etc.), interpretation, as well as translations into medical, legal, financial subjects. Technical translations, webwebsite translations - also included in the range of our services.

Do you need translation of documents in connection with moving to America? We will help you to fulfill it at the highest level, complying with all requirements for documents. Any personal documents - certificates, diplomas, certificates, as well as documents requiring notarization - can be translated with the help of our team. You want to consult a doctor and bring your medical documents and medical records with you - welcome to our office, we know how to perform such tasks.

We keep up with the times and use all advanced technologies. Our IT specialists will help to correctly translate the website from Portuguese to English and English to Portuguese, given all the innovations and properly understand the structure of the website. Expand your business with the help of an English-language website, increase the reach of your potential customers - for all this you need a website with translation from Portuguese to English. Or maybe you want to get a new sales region, Portugal? Then we'll make sure you get the right translation from English to Portuguese.

Legal translations for you will be performed by translators with higher legal education. Important documents, contracts, transcripts of acts and court issued documents - you can safely order all of this from Translation Services USA.

Translation Services USA provides certified translation services from Portuguese to English for video, audio formats and films. Our specialists can accompany you at all kinds of public events and provide simultaneous interpretation.

Translation, which requires maximum precision, is technical. We guarantee the correctness of its execution. Huge glossaries of terms, full knowledge of such a narrow topic - all this provides the best quality technical translation from Portuguese to English.

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A few facts about Portuguese

portuguese translation

Portuguese is similar to Spanish, but not a derivative language. Both languages belong to the Romanesque group. It's not easy for a Spaniard to understand, despite the similarity in pronunciation.

The largest country, where Portuguese is the official language, is Brazil. Some African countries, such as Angola, Mozambique, still consider Portuguese the main state language. This is due to the times of colonization, when many third world countries were colonies of European conquerors.

Translation Services USA understand and translate any dialects of the Portuguese language and are able to perform absolutely all translations types you need.

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