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Translation Services USA offers the highest quality, professional, fastest and most affordable translations from Dutch into English, English into Dutch and hundreds of other popular world languages. Translation is not only the transfer of the meaning of oral and written text in a foreign language, but also its adaptation to the perception of the listener, reader or interlocutor of another culture. That is why our headquarters employ native speakers of Dutch. They are able to convey emotions, culture, goals of the original text, adapting it to the desired audience.

Range of services

We provide a wide range of services to our clients:

  • Translation of documentation from Dutch into English and English into Dutch
  • Consecutive interpretation in Dutch
  • Voice acting in Dutch
  • Development of sites and platforms in Dutch
  • Technical translation Dutch-English, English-Dutch
  • Medical translation Dutch-English, English-Dutch
  • Translation of charts, terms, etc.

And other services!

Only an experienced, certified translator can provide quality services of this format. If you don't speak Dutch fluently, you can't do that. Therefore, we hire highly specialized translators who are not polyglots.

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Modern struggles: man vs machine

The debate about who's better, an electronic interpreter or a human translator, doesn't stop. Despite the fact that on our site you can translate the desired text online in seconds, we are convinced that high-quality translation is only possible thanks to a person who knows what he or she is doing, who knows the language in-depth, who can understand and convey the message to the reader or listener. Here are a few reasons why a person wins in the fight against machines.

  • A person is able to adapt the speech to the desired language. Thanks to this, the tone, structure, style and other significant nuances are transferred.
  • To translate a specific text, we select a specialist who understands the subject matter. This allows us to correctly translate terms, preserve the essence, and avoid serious mistakes.
  • Our specialists have an ingenious approach to translation of the text. That is, they always try to choose the appropriate variant of translation, based on the feeling of the language.
  • Most importantly, translators have a basic knowledge of the culture of the language into which they translate. Therefore, you can be sure that a harmless text that carries important information will not be transformed into a rough, offensive template during translation.
  • Thus, only a live translator is able to make full use of the flexibility, beauty and richness of the Dutch language and write a beautiful, clear and accurate translation.

Interesting facts about the Dutch language

dutch translation

Dutch is spoken by 23 million people living in the Netherlands, South America and the Antilles. There is a dialect of Dutch; Flemish, which is spoken by 60% of the Belgian population.

Dutch is similar to German. Interestingly, only Dutch people understand Germans, but not vice versa.

Dutch is the eighth most widely spoken language in Europe.

Dutch is among the top 40 most widely spoken languages in the world.

There are about 100 variations of the Dutch language.

In spite of the fact that the Netherlands is not a very big country, the Frisian language, spoken by 450,000 people, is also widespread on its territory.

Use professional translations from certified specialists to avoid unpleasant situations, loss of time and money. This guarantees reliability, peace of mind, and the quality of the results obtained.

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