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Certified Affidavit Translation


If you've ever have an affidavit (or "sworn statement") that you've needed translated for court proceedings, you know it can be a tricky process.

In addition to the basic need of a high quality translation provided by a translator with experience in the legal field, you'll also need an additional statement from the translator or agency itself to swear to the accuracy and quality of the translation to the court.

This can be a complicated, time-consuming task if you don't go with the right translation provider. If your translated affidavit isn't accepted, you'll need to start the whole process over again, costing you time and money. Make sure you get a high quality affidavit translation the first time by working with us at Translation Services USA!

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What is required for the affidavit translation process?

We can help the process of getting your affidavit translated fast and easy:

  1. After confirming your project's details, we'll get to work, looking for the best translator to match your language and legal needs. We work with translators who specialize in court translation services, and know all the legal terminology to ensure that your affidavit is translated accurately to the needs of the court.
  2. Once the translation is complete, it can then be proofread by an additional translator to check for typos, misspellings, or any other inconsistencies.
  3. Once everything is translated and proofread, it's ready to be certified. Certified translation provides you with a signed and notarized document attesting to the accuracy of your completed translation, which is accepted as a legally-binding document in all courts (and required by many others in order to submit translated documents in the first place).

We'll keep you up to date on the status of each step in the process, and are available via phone and email to answer any questions you have and make any adjustments you or the judge deems necessary.

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