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Medical Conference Translation

Medical conference.

Are you hosting or attending a medical conference? Is this a global conference, where speakers and other presenters may be present who don't natively speak the same language? If so, Translation Services USA may be able to help convey your message to the global medical industry. See the chart below to determine which service we can provide you with for any upcoming medical conference, no matter where it's being held:

Are you...
Hosting a medical conference? Attending or presenting at a medical conference?
Do you need translation for...
Marketing materials? Programs and brochures? Interpreting for attendees? Understanding a speaker? Being understood by other attendees?
You may be looking for...
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For more information on the difference between translation and interpreting, please visit our Interpreting Vs. Translation help page, and for other medical translation services we can provide, be sure to read our full Medical Translation Services page.

Not sure what exactly you require for medical conference translation? Contact us now and we can answer any questions you may have, as well as get you a free quote when you're ready!

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