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Translation Industries

Retail and Ecommerce Retail and Ecommerce
With major retailers both on- and offline catering to a worldwide market, it's only natural that their sales would reflect this. But even the smallest business can compete against the biggest ones by communicating with potential customers in whatever language they are most comfortable using. Find out more about Retail and Ecommerce translation.
Life Sciences Life Sciences
Life sciences, or the study of life in a scientific manner, encompasses a wide range of researchers and industries. At Translations Services USA we work with you to translate science journals. Making research available in many languages all over the world is important to the field. Find out more about Life Sciences translation.
Legal Legal
Legal translation services are available from Translations Services USA from or to English and other languages. Our premium translation services are intended to give an accurate understanding of legal documents and contracts. Find out more about Legal translation.
Medical Medical
We provide Medical translation services to or from many languages for some of the world's best known companies and individuals. We are in an exclusive position to deal with any types of medical translation projects you may have. Find out more about Medical translation.
Media and Entertainment Media and Entertainment
Entertainment news may be a pastime for many when they are bored but a lot of hard work goes into it and a lot of hard working people take pride in their work. At Translations Services USA we work hard to complete you entertainment translation projects quickly and professionally, providing a full range of translation services for any project. Find out more about Media and Entertainment translation.
Finance Finance
Translations Services USA specializes in the translation of financial documentation for major banks, brokerage houses, accounting firms, and other financial institutions throughout the world. Find out more about Finance translation.
Advertising, Marketing, and PR Advertising, Marketing, and PR
Translations Services USA has been helping advertising, marketing, and PR agencies for over 10 years translate any and all marketing materials to really reach the widest, most global audience possible. Find out more about Advertising, Marketing, and PR translation.
Industrial and Manufacturing Industrial and Manufacturing
Whether you need to cooperate with other firms internationally, or compete with them at home or regionally, Translations Services USA can help you translate your message and get it out to whoever needs to see it. Find out more about Industrial and Manufacturing translation.
Travel and Hospitality Travel and Hospitality
Translations Services USA works closely with your business, whether it is adventure or leisure focused, to be sure you can sell to clients in whatever there native tongue may be. We can translate brochures in any language allowing you to reach customers from all over the world. Find out more about Travel and Hospitality translation.
Energy and Mining Energy and Mining
Whether you need to cooperate with other firms internationally, or compete with them at home or regionally, Translations Services USA can help translate energy and mining information, research, marketing, and other data for you and help you get your message out to whoever needs to see it. Find out more about Energy and Mining translation.
Hardware, Software, and Technology Hardware, Software, and Technology
Whatever a product might be, for each step in the software engineering process (design, development, documentation, manufacturing, QA testing, and customer support), engineering teams create large quantities of essential information. Translations Services USA offers localization services in over 100 languages. Find out more about Software and Technology translation.
Government Agencies and Contractors Government Agencies and Contractors
Translating forms and pamphlets, billboards and public service announcements into other languages is something that national agencies all the way on down to local townships are doing to better serve the needs of a diverse population. Find out more about translation for Government Agencies and Contractors.
Patents Patents
Patent translation has its own unique challenges compared to other translation methods, and only Translations Services USA has the experience and qualifications to get it done for you. Find out more about Patent translation.
Academic Academic
Translation services for university students and faculty, for studying and working abroad or transferring credits and other information. Find out more about Academic translation.

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