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Pharmaceutical Translation Services

Pharmaceutical Translation Services

Pharmaceutical translation service is a highly specialized area which is completely different from other types of translation by the saturation of medical and pharmaceutical terminology, formulas used and tables. This type of translation requires special attention and professional implementation by experts.

Our professional pharmaceutical translators deal with the best known pharmaceutical and biomedical firms all over the world. We provide translation of all types scientific projects or intellectuals properties covering wide range of requirements. In order to achieve global multilingual projects in pharmaceutical industry, our high quality service along with accuracy of translation help our clients to extend their business.

Types of pharmaceutical documents for translation:

• Clinical Trial Protocols
• Informed Consent Forms
• Case Report Forms (CRFs)
• Instructions for Use (IFU)
• Package Inserts and Labels
• Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO)
• Scientific Papers
• Adverse Event Reports
• Drug Registration Documentation
• Patient Forms
• Labeling and Packaging
• Drug Safety and Lab Reports
• Test Procedures
• Company's Newsletters

Why do you need documentation in the Pharmaceutical industry?

The document, its structure and content carries extremely useful information that is needed not only to patients and doctors, but also to various inspectors who check the quality of drugs. The absence or inaccuracy of the documentation leads to the fact that they simply do not receive the necessary certificates.

Why should you choose us?

Translation Services USA translates all types of documents in over 100 languages and dialects. The linguistic and medical education of our professional translators allows us to prepare materials that fully complies with international requirements in the field of pharmacology. The quality of the translation of our translators corresponds to the highest level.

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