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Formatting Translated Patents for Local Offices

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Whether you are a patent law firm, tech sector corporation, medical device company, pharmaceutical company, biotech firm, or private inventor, if you need to protect your intellectual property to market it overseas, you will need to get your patents translated. Beyond just the direct translation of the text, patents also need to be formatted properly in the correct format to be accepted by local patent offices overseas. Conforming to the local patent office guidelines is the only way to ensure that your patent application is not rejected on receipt. Additionally, your patent drawings must be translated re-lettered again, and we also provide professional translation of patents for prior art search, and in cases of patent litigation cases can provide translation of court documents as well.

Translations Services USA is a leading provider of certified translation for patents and other intellectual property documents, and can help you with filing in the local patent office no matter where it is. We have extensive experience translating EP and PCT patents into most European and Asian languages. We are able to provide translations for:

  • US patents
  • EU patents
  • PCT patents
  • Japanese patents
  • Chinese patents
  • Utility models

All patent translation is completed in the translator's native language. We ensure that our translators have prior experience in patent translation, and have an extensive knowledge of accepted practices, regulations, and applicable laws for the local office you are filing in. We ensure that all patent translators we work with are court certified, and if required in patent litigation can be made available for court depositions.

We have connections with local patent offices and agents in all members of the European Union as well as most major Asian markets. Additionally, claims and other important text can be reviewed by a local patent attorney to ensure the legal accuracy of your patent's translation, if required.

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