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Certified Legal Translator

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Certified legal translation is a specialized translation service we provide to lawyers and their clients. Unlike our regular translation services, certified legal translation involves the text being translated by a native-speaking professional translator with a background in legal translation and (for businesses) whatever industry your company is in.

Additionally, the ranslated text is then often then proofread by a second native-speaking translator with similar qualifications.

Besides the translators' qualifications, certified translation of legal documents also involves having the translators sign an affadavit, swearing to the accuracy and quality of the translation produced on behalf of the client, and then notarized by a licensed notary public.

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In addition to certified legal translation services, Translation Services USA also offers certified legal document internationalization services, which will ensure that your contracts and other legal documents can be accepted by the courts in any country.

Whether you are a lawyer handling legal documents from a foreign country, or preparing your own legal documents for use in court overseas, Translation Services USA's professional translation team can ensure your documents comply to all the standards and specialized formatting required by courts at home and abroad, ensuring they will be accepted the first time without the need for costly and time-consuming corrections and resubmissions due to formatting errors or mistranslations.

In addition to certified translation for legal documents, we have an on-staff notary public in our corporate offices who is available to notarize any legal documents you may have, translated or otherwise.

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