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Certified Text Message Translation

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With the rise of texting and social media in the past decade or so, text messaging is seen as the most casual and common way of communicating, while email conversely is seen as a slower, more formal method of communication. Text messages are for conversations, while email is for official discussion on serious topics.

Because text messaging is so ubiquitous, it's used more and more in court proceedings as evidence to convict or exonerate, just as phone records and other methods of communication have been for decades.

If you need a text message conversation translated for use in court, you will be required to submit a certified translation in order for it to be considered as evidence—so don't try to cut corners! Get professional, certified, human translation and save yourself, and the court's, time and money.

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Why does a text message need certified translation?

Although a text message may be casual and informal, court proceedings are not; in order for a judge to consider a translation of a text message as accurate and usable as evidence, they will need to have some guarantee that the translation is truthful and accurate.

Getting text message translations certified provides the court with an additional document, a signed and notarized statement from the translation provider swearing to the accuracy of the translated text. This will assure the court that your translation is accurate, and accurately conveys the intent and meaning of the original text.

Will it take longer? What else do I need to provide?

The good news for you is, when you order ceritifed text message translation services through Translation Services USA, you don't have to do or submit anything extra.

We will mail your notarized affidavit along with the completed translation for you to submit to court once the translation is complete. And because we use a network of professional translators located around the world, certified translation is just as fast as any other translation method.

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