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Certified Background Check Translation

Background check.

When you apply for work, housing, credit, or other major life changes, often you will be required to submit to a background check in order to validate your credit, trustworthiness, and references. If you're moving or seeking employment overseas, this may mean receiving a background check in a language other than that spoken in your host country.

What can be done to ensure that all parties are satisfied, and that your character is represented fully and accurately?

Translation Services USA can provide certified background check translations for you or anyone who needs to know more about you. We'll make it easy, so you have one less thing to worry about during what's surely an already stressful time!

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What is involved in certified background check translation?

A certified translation first involves standard, professional translation services, which Translation Services USA has been providing to business clients and private individuals for over 15 years.

Our translators are based all over the world, and specialize in many different fields, from law to finance and everything in between, so we'll have no problem matching you up with a translator who can get your background check translates accurately.

How will my translated background check be certified?

After the final translation is submit to us, the next step in the certification process involves getting a signed and notarized affidavit, certifying the quality and accuracy of the completed translation.

Certified translations are accepted at (and required by) most courts and government offices around the world, so getting a certified translation of your background check done right the first time will help speed up the process, saving you any time and money you may have tried to save going with a "quick and easy" route.

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