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PDF Translation

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PDFs are the most popular file formats used online today. Unlike a Microsoft Word document or similar format, PDF is an open format that can be read and edited by many different free software applications on almost every platform imaginable.

PDF itself stands for "Portable Document Format." It contains text, images, and design and layout information, all compressed into a single, easily transferrable package of a file. The format of a PDF has another benefit as well: the text is stored separately from the visual data, meaning it can easily be extracted, translated, and replaced into the file to easily create foreign-language versions of the document.

How Does PDF Translation Work?

Translation of PDFs is actually a much simpler task than you may have imagined:

As mentioned above the text in a PDF file is stored totally separately from the presentation data. When you submit your PDF for translation to Translation Services USA, we are able to extract just the text and send it to our translators—that way, they don't need to have any special software or design skills and can focus solely on conveying the meaning of your text.

After they have sent the completed translation back, we are able to take the raw, translated text data and plug it back into your original file, where the presentation data should fall back into place and display it just the same as in your original source document.

So, as you can see, for an experienced translation agency like Translation Services USA, translating a PDF is as easy as 1-2-3!

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We've worked with many different file formats over the years, and translation for PDFs is one of the most utilized and most versatile solutions we have come across to date.

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