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Medical Document Translation

Medical document.

Medical documents are already confusing enough for both patients and providers without throwing another layer on top in the form of translation. Standards and practices vary greatly from provider to provider and country to country, and so being able to convey the intent of the original medical document in a way that is comprehensible, valid, and legal for a provider in another country presents an extra challenge even to translators skilled in the field of medical document translation.

At Translation Services USA, one of the ways we ensure that medical documents translated between languages are of acceptable standards is by assigning skilled, professional translators with a background in medicine or the medical industry. This ensures that the translator is aware of specialized medical terms and can transpose the meaning of the document as well as any units of measurement or other jargon that may be present, as needed.

An additional way that Translation Services USA keeps the quality of translation for medical documents consistent is by seeking out native-speaking translators who live in the target country of the translated document. For example, for a project consiting of translating American vaccination records from English into Spanish for use in Mexico, we would assign a translator who speaks Spanish natively, knows English, has a background in medical translation, and lives in the Mexico. This way, the translator is able to capture the subtle differences in American and Mexican cultures and medical practices and documentation, and utilize that knowledge in providing a final translated medical document for use by a Mexican hospital or government agency in a way that they recognize.

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Another layer of protection provided by Translation Services USA is certified translation, where the translator swears to the accuracy of their translation in a signed affadavit, which is then notarized by a licensed notary public. Certified translations are often required for official use in government and other agencies, and can also help expedite the review process.

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