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Personal Statement Proofreading

Personal statement, before and after.

When writing something as significant as a personal statement for admission to college or grad school, you can't afford to overlook the importance having your finished application essay read to ensure there are no typos, spelling or punctuation mistakes, or grammar errors.

If you're applying to school in another country, then you'll not only need to have your personal statement translated, but you'll want to then have the completed translation proofread by a native-speaking personal statement proofreader who can review the finished translation and make sure it's of a high quality and accurate to your orignal intent.

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If you send your personal statement to Translation Services USA for translation into one of hundreds of languages we support, you can rest easy knowing that we'll only assign professional, native-speaking translators with an academic background to work on your project. Your proofreader—a second translator with the same qualifications as the first—will then review both your completed translation and your original letter in its source language to compare the accuracy and make sure it matches the tone of your original 100%.

If you need your personal statement both translated and proofread, please get in touch with us now to discuss your project and how we can help get you admitted anywhere you apply!

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