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Translation Servises USA agency provides translation services from German to English, English to German, as well as from German into other languages. We provide translations into over 100 languages. That is, Translation Servises USA is the only company on the market with such services, able to provide German translation services in almost any language of the world.

Our German translators are native speakers and have specialized education in such areas as legal, financial, medical and many others. Therefore, you will be able to get a unique professional translation on any topic. In all of the above areas of translation, the terminology is preserved and correctly deciphered, which is constantly updated.

One of the most complicated translations for the average person - technical - is available among our translation services from German to English. Such translation is the most complicated and is performed by our certified specialists, who have many years of experience and a huge vocabulary on the required subject matter.

Translation Services USA provides a wide range of translation services:

  • Interpretation (simultaneous and consecutive)
  • Written translations (document translation services, economic, medical, legal translation, technical translation)
  • Translation of sites
  • Film translations and dubbing, subtitles
  • Type and layout of any text

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The team of translators of our company has a great experience of work and a high level of professionalism. Performing translations of documents from German to English is one of the frequent tasks in the agency. Personal documents - birth certificates, divorce or marriage certificates, diplomas, powers of attorney - quickly and without delay will be translated from German into English or any other language by our professional translator. Our translation skills are invaluable, because we are able to preserve the meaning and culture of the text and correctly convey its essence.

Speed of mastering the Internet - the space recently is global, and the site or personal page on the Internet - is already a given, not pampering. Our team has knowledgeable engineers – editors, able to translate any site, regardless of the type of layout, in German and from German. Expanding your business, you increase the geography of coverage, and you just need to be available to speakers of other languages! Investing in a website in German is a long-term investment option.

Another service we provide, that is highly demanded, is German translation, audio, transcription and subtitles. Any format - audio, video, film translation - our specialists are able to perform in the shortest possible time and at the highest level.

Facts about the German language

german translation

German language is spoken by about 105 million people and is deemed the official language in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Every tenth book published in the world is written in German, every tenth request on the Internet is made in German.

There is a legend, that German almost became the official language of the USA. In the year, 1775, when a vote was taken at a meeting of the Continental Congress of Philadelphia on the choice of language, the German language lost to English by only 1 vote.

Another fact that became widespread in the network - the first printed book of Europe was allegedly published in German. Actually, the book was in Latvian and was published in 1455. But after only 11 years - in 1466 - the book was printed in German - it was the Mentelina Bible.

There are over 25 dialects of the German language, all of them very different from each other, sometimes the inhabitants of the polar regions of the country can not understand each other. Germans love to put together long words - the longest word is 87 letters.

Specialists at Translation Services USA know everything about German, translate any original format from German into English and vice versa, and deserve your trust measured by the level of professionalism and quality of your work.

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