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Dictaphone Transcription


Although dictaphones have gone somewhat out of style since the rise of smart phones and other technologies, they still remain in use as a good tool for conducting personal interviews, amongst other purposes.

If you have old dictaphone recordings that you need transcribed—be they interviews, personal recordings, or anything else—we still have the best technology and the right people to transcribe your audio into whatever text format you need.

We offer dictaphone transcription services for a number of tape and digital dictaphone formats—make sure you specify how your audio was recorded, and how you plan to send us the audio, when requesting a quote for transcription of dictaphone audio.

One of the easiest ways to get your audio to our dictaphone transcribers is to convert your audio to a digital format, such as WAV or MP3 and to send us the files by email or through our quote request form. Note that MP3 is ideal because it is compressed and results in a significantly smallre file; as long as the bitrate is reasonable and the recording is clear, the compression should not affect our ability to hear and transcribe dictaphone recordings.

You can learn more about our dictaphone transcription and other transcription services by filling out our get quote request form now!

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