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Translation Services USA offers its customers the best translation from French to English, from English to French or from French to almost any desired language. We understand the importance of the work we do, so we have the most qualified staff at our headquarters. In order to ensure that the translation is comparable to the original version, native French speakers are taken.

Our services

Translation Services USA has proven itself as an experienced French translation company. Our services also include:

  • Translation of documents (marriage certificate, divorce certificate, driver's license, etc.) from French to English, from English to French, which is carried out by certified translators using the required terminology
  • Development of the French site by web developers, programmers and subject matter experts
  • Voice translation
  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • Translation of medical records
  • Technical translation
  • Translation of business documents (our employees translate texts depending on the area in which they specialize)

The most important thing for us is to convey the cultural and linguistic aspects of the original text. Thus, the readability of the text, its essence and idea are not lost.

We differ from ordinary translation companies not only by our responsible attitude to translation, but also by the fact that we do not use automatic translation by means of various technologies. All translations are done by professional native translators. It would seem that this approach makes the work more complicated, but in fact, by giving up automatic translators, we can improve the quality of the work we do. Only a person who speaks the language can accurately convey the meaning of the original information. In addition, in documentation, abstracts, books, treatises, films, some French expressions may have a double meaning that automatic translators do not understand. Therefore, we make a choice in favor of human translation.

You can check the cost of services online. Just contact us and we will calculate the price of the service free of charge.

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Features of the French language

french translation

It is wrong to assume that French is the only language spoken in France. Historically, French has been spoken in Canada, French Guiana, some European countries and a number of North African countries. Therefore, its value is extremely high. Here are some interesting facts about the French language:

  • Several groups of French dialects are used in France.
  • There are more than 100 million French speakers in the world.
  • French is recognized as an official language in 29 countries. These include Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco and others.
  • French is the second most popular language for studying in the world.
  • Most of the ballet terminology is in French.
  • The purity of the French language, vocabulary and grammar are monitored by a special organization - the French Academy. (Therefore, it is important to translate texts correctly and accurately.)
  • French is one of the 6 official UN languages.

Importance of translation

According to the etymology, the word "translation" means "translation over", i.e. information must overcome language barriers and reach the final user in full measure. In this way, effective communication will take place. Therefore, our company strives to perform its services accurately and correctly.

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