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Certified Sworn Translator

Federal courthouse.

Certified sworn translation offers the highest guarantee of quality and security for translation of legal text, court documents, government documents, or other important, official texts.

It involves not only the high standards required by court certified translators for federal and state courts, but also involves the signed and notarized affadavit of our other certified translation services.

What is Involved in a Certified Sworn Translation?

A state certified translator (or a translator or interpreter certified by the federal government to handle official court translations) is a qualified professional translator who has passed a number of rigorous oral and written tests to prove his or her abilities in all languages they translate to or from. Additionally, they are often required to know and understand various specialized legal terminologies in both languages, attend seminars on professionalism and ethics, and have a clean result from a criminal background check.

Then, any official translations they do on behalf of the court, lawyers, witnesses, and so on, is then certified, wherein the translator signs a written affadavit pledging the quality and accuracy of their work, and then stamped by a licensed notary public.

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