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Translation Services USA can help you get certified translations of texts in any format and complexity from Danish into English, English into Danish or any other language pairs. Our experienced translators interpret the original information accurately, and it will reach the final reader in its correct sense.

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Translation has to comply with the high standards of native speakers, so our staff employs Danes with extensive knowledge and high professionalism. Correctness, accuracy and reliability of the information is the first and main rule that we follow in our work.

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Knowledge of languages allows you to discover new horizons. Even if you don't know the Danish language, our translators will help you. Our services are diverse:

  • Translation from Danish to English
  • Translation from English to Danish documents
  • Translation from Danish to audio or video format
  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • Website development in Danish and English
  • Translation using terminology
  • Online translation

And so on.

On our website you can translate any information online into the desired language. However, we advise you to contact a specialist if you need a correct translation. They will not only translate the text word for word, but also retain its meaning, unlike electronic translators.

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Features of the Danish language

Everyone knows that Danish is one of the Scandinavian languages, but few people know that it is widespread not only in Denmark, but also in Northern Germany, Greenland, Faroeres. It was studied at schools in Iceland.

Until the 19th century, Danish was the official language in Norway.

There are only 409 islands in Denmark and each of them has its own dialect different from the others.

About 6 million people speak Danish.

Many words used in Danish language are borrowed from English.

The Danish alphabet is the same as the Norwegian one, but the pronunciation of letters is different.

Advantages of human translation

Danish translation

Mutual understanding is an important factor in human relations. Therefore, the individual characteristics of each language should be taken into account when translating. Direct human translation is more accurate and preserves the traditions and meaning of the information it contains.

In recent years, there has been fierce debate over whether machine translations will replace human translations. We are sure that this will not happen in the near future for a number of reasons.

First, machine translation makes mistakes of both lexical and grammatical nature. This should be avoided especially in documentation or serious and important texts.

Secondly, translation is a great responsibility that the electronic media cannot take on. And our company guarantees the quality of translations and assumes responsibility after the work has been completed. You can be sure that the original message was saved and delivered.

Third, we live in an era when personal data can be transferred to the public. This can interfere with both our privacy and our business activities. Our employees sign a confidentiality agreement for your personal information. All data and information that is stored in the materials translated by our translators is not transferred anywhere and is stored within our company.

Conclusion: quality translations are only possible with the participation of professional translators, namely native speakers.

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