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Court Certified Translator

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When translators or interpreters are needed to translate important, legal court documents or live testimony, most states will not permit just anyone with a knowledge of two languages to handle this sensitive information.

In order to be sure that an individual is capable not only in their knowledge of the two languages, but in regards to specialized legal terminology and other jargon, states will often have set requirements for people to become officially recognized court certified translators.

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What are the Common Credentials for a Court Certified Translator?

The rules and regulations for becoming a court certified translator vary widely from state to state. While some states may require only submitting a form and a small fee, other states may require intensive testing, so many years of history, or other requirements.

Common requirements include:

  • Passing a written language assessment
  • Passing an oral assessment
  • A criminal background check resulting in a clean record
  • Attending required orientation seminars on ethics and professionalism

In addition, federal courts have their own standards as well; translators credentialed with the federal certification or in other courts are generally eligible for reciprocity in state courts as well.

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