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Express Proofreading


Sometimes when you order a translation project, you need it completed quickly, which is when our urgent translation service is a viable option when ordering from Translation Services USA. Ordering urgent translation sends your project to the front of our queue so project coordinators can get started assigning translators as quickly as possible, and tighten our internal deadlines to get the completed translation returned as quickly as possible.

But just because you need something done urgently doesn't mean you want to cut corners to get it done. If you order urgent translation, you still want a quality result, and one of the ways we are able to provide high quality and fast turnaround is by offering express proofreading services.

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Although proofreading generally extends the turnaround time for projects, when a project is urgent we are able to expedite the assignment of both translators and proofreaders, ensuring your project is complted and delivered no matter how tight the deadline.

We're able to do this because of our years of experience and vast network of translators from around the globe. Because our translators only translate into their native language, they often live in the countries where that language is primarily spoken, but because of the nature of contract work, can live anywhere around the world and set their own schedules as well. This allows us to find a skilled, professional translator that is available to work on translating or proofreading your project now, no matter when you place your order or how quickly you need it done.

If you'd like more information on our express proofreading services for urgent projects, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'd be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and get your project started as soon as today!

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