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Thorough Proofreading

Proofread document.

When you order proofreading services, it's important that you know your proofreader will be thorough in his or her work; afterall, anyone can proofread, in theory, but a skilled proofreader will not only be able to fix spelling, punctuation, and other grammatical errors, but also help you better organize your thoughts or even rethink the way a sentence is phrased. Only a professional proofreader, with years of experience working in many different fields of study, can truly say they offer thorough proofreading services.

Generally, a thorough proofreader will follow his or her own rules and guidelines for proofreading a document, sometimes even going over the document more than once to handle each aspect in waves, first seeking out spelling errors, then grammatical issues, and so on.

And when you have a translated document, you rely even more on the proofreader's word that a translation is accurate, since in most cases you won't be able to review the completed project yourself to look for errors and omissions. Proofreading is a key step in the professional translation process that involves having a second translator look over both the original document in the language you have submitted, as well as the completed translation submit by the initial translator. As you can imagine, the process is much more involved as it requires not only everything that a standard proofreader would handle, but also ensures that the translated version of the text makes logical sense, and accurately conveys the meaning, and importantly, the tone of the original as well. A professional document translated in a conversational tone will not pass muster with academics, government officials, or whoever else needs to read the completed translation!

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While it may be tempting to try to save money and not include proofreading of your completed translation, we always recommend having a second set of eyes look over your completed translation. Although we rigorously test and monitor the quality of work submitted by our translators, and work only with experienced and professional translators, the only way to truly have peace of mind and guarantee that your completed translation is the best it can be is to include thorough proofreading for your translation project.

If you're weighing the pros and cons of proofreading for your translation project, get in touch with us today and we'd be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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