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Certified Adoption Document Translation

Happy family.

Starting or growing a family through adoption can be one of the happiest times in anyone's life, but it can also be one of the most stressful. The amount of government and other legal paperwork alone can cause the process to sometimes stretch on for years, and only moreso when the family and child live in two different countries.

Translating adoption documents to and from different languages can be a complex, time-consuming task, and when the documents require signatures or contain other legally binding information, they often require certified translation services with a signed and notarized affadavit attesting to the quality and accuracy of the translation.

Luckily, Translation Services USA is here to help alleviate some of this stress and get your certified adoption documents translated quickly, easily, and—most importantly—accurately.

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What translations might be required during the adoption process?

In addition to forms and paperwork related directly to the adoption process, you may also need to provide translations for additional documents. These may include:

When dealing with adoptions in a foreign country, adoption and government agencies will often require all of your translations are certified in order to make sure that your information is accurate. Don't rely on automatic translation services for this important information! If it even is accepted, you'll never know if the translation is accurate. Save yourself time and money up front by getting all of your adoption document translations certified right from the start. Adoption is a stressful, but ultimately rewarding, process—why not make it as easy on yourself as possible?

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