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We can help you gain successful entry to the United States with our guaranteed USCIS-approved certified translation services. If you plan to spend extended time in, or are looking to immigrate to, the United States, USCIS approval is absolutely key for acceptance of your translated birth certificate, marriage papers, transcripts, and other important documents.

At Translation Services USA, we have over a decade of experience working with translation for the immigration system in the United States, and we can help you translate everything from your visa applications to all other required supporting documentation and paperwork.

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Guaranteed Acceptance for USCIS

We have years of experience working very closely with law firms and immigration offices that specialize in handling immigration services, so if you work with us, you can rest easy knowing that you will be provided with a professopnal, high quality, certified translation of any and all of your legal documents with our USCIS-approved translation services.

If you're a law firm or other agency that represents third-party applicants, and you're in need of certified translation services for them, we're here to help. Just contact one of our highly qualified salespeople or project coordinators for more information on how Translation Services USA can provide you with the highest quality, certified translations with fast turnaround, no matter what the scale.

If you're an individual who does business internationally, wants to study or work in a foreign nation, or plans to immigrate to the United States, you are going to need a certified, accurate translation of all of your most important documents.

Your completed translation with Translation Services USA includes guaranteed acceptance by USCIS and a notarized certification that your completed translation is 100% accurate.

More on Document Translation Types:

Technical Manuals Employee Handbook Medical Manuals Employee Manuals
Birth Certificates Diplomas and Transcripts Driver Licenses Marriage Certificates
Divorce Certificates Personal Correspondence Passport Immunization Cards
Police Clearances High School Certificates Death Certificates Medical Reports

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