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Simultaneous Interpretation

An interpreter wearing a headset.

When most people imagine interpreting, they tend to think of what is referred to in the industry as simultaneous interpretation. Most often used for important international or other government uses, simultaneous interpretation involves a professional interpreter listening to one party speak and immediately (i.e., simultaneously) speaking the translated version of that speech into a microphone, where it is then heard by another party in his or her native language via headset or other listening device.

Simultaneous interpreting allows two people who don't speak the same language to communicate with each other instantly as though they did. This method is what allows the United Nations to function, with delegates from around the world being able to discuss global issues without knowing a common language.

Translation Services USA has offered interpreting services for years, and is pleased to announce that we now can offer the services of simultaneous interpreters as well for your event or other function.

Whatever your needs, contact us today for a free estimate for your simultaneous interpretation project and we'll be back in touch with you to answer any questions as soon as possible!

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