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Translation Services USA is always there for you, when you need the help of qualified translators with extensive experience and knowledge. Our linguists translate your requested file/texts from Arabic into English and from English into Arabic. In addition, we work with hundreds of other languages. Rest assured, our translators have everything they need to do the translation accurately and efficiently.

What services do we provide?

Translation Services USA has been in the market for over 15 years, we have studied and understood what our client wants. Here is a short list of some services we offer for Arabic language:

  • Document Translation
  • Simultaneous interpreting
  • Technical translation
  • Voice Over
  • Audio Transcription
  • Adaptation and translation of websites from Arabic to English and vice versa

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Our specialists are particularly selected for each translation project. We strive to ensure all translators hired are highly specialized in each language. Our team consists of programmers, linguists, account managers and certified translators. A feature of Translation Services USA is that we work only with a professional native speaker who resides in their native speaking country. This allows us to translate text with maximum accuracy and avoid wasting time and money. After all, poor quality translation results in the following issues:

  • Spending time looking for a better service
  • Waste of funds for the second execution of the transfer
  • Possible expenses for a lawyer in case of incompetence of the translator
  • Possible expenses for an attorney in case of incorrect translation, which will result to legal proceedings

Translation Services USA guarantees that all translations provided are of high quality, without delays and with increased responsibility.

In today's world, it is important that private information do not go beyond certain cir-cles of availability. Therefore, we guarantee that all information that passes through our company, remains within its walls. All employees at TSU are required to sign our company's non-disclosure agreement which protects all clients personal information and documentation from being released outside the company.

We take on the work of any complexity!

Refuse from automatic translation

Many of our competitors continue to use machine translators in order to reduce the time it takes to complete a job. On the contrary, our company believes that no machine work will replace the work of a professional human translator. Only a person who knows the culture, traditions, and history of the language, in which the original text is written, is able to translate the texts without losing its meaning or message. This is very important in both artistic translation and translation of documents.

Interesting facts about Arabic

arabic translation
  • The importance and spread of the Arabic language in the world increase every year
  • According to various estimates, 250-350 million people in the world speak Arabic
  • Arabic language is recognized as the state language in 26 countries of the world
  • There are 5 groups of Arabic dialects in the world
  • It is believed that the Arabic language is very rich, so it is difficult to translate into other languages

Special expansion

Given the continuous development of the Internet, each owner of a blog or website should be aware of the need to adapt their resource to the interests of their audience. One of the ways is to establish a special expansion, developed by our programmers. It translates a web page into over 10 popular languages, thus helping to expand the potential audience.

Translation plugin for website

Free website translation pluginFor blogs and small, personal sites, we offer simple, free website translator tools and WordPress plugins you can self-install on your page template for fast, easy translation into dozens of major languages. (If you fall into this category, check out our Free Website Translation Services for more details!)

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