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Technical Proofreading

Proofread document.

When you order a technical document translation project from Translation Services USA, one of the options you will be encounter in the quote request form is whether or not you want to include proofreading for your completed translation.

Like proofreading for any other text, proofreading for translation involves having a third party (in this case, a second translation, in addition to the first translator who translated your document's text initially) look over your completed, translated text and look for typos, spelling errors, grammatical errors, misused punctuation, and so on. Additionally, the translation proofreader will look at your original document as well and compare it with the completed translation, ensuring that the meaning of the original text was conveyed accurately, as well as its tone and intent.

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Technical documents are notoriously dry and complicated, which means it's all the more important that your translation is proofread; if the completed translation was submit in a more conversational tone than the original, it may seem unprofessional to the eyes of a native speaker of the target language. Additionally, with the more complicated subject matter and terminology involved in technical documents, having a second translator (equally skilled in your specific industry or niche) look over the completed translation will give you peace of mind that these terms have been translated accurately in a way that people in your field will understand in their own native language.

If you're considering technical proofreading for your translation project, contact us now and we can answer any questions you may have!

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