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Legal Document Translation

Legal document.

Unlike most document translation services, legal document translation requires a specialized process to ensure that the government (whether at home or abroad) will accept the accuracy and legality of the completed, translated text.

Legal documents that we are able to provide translations for include:

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Translators who translate legal documents must have a special set of skills as well as a keen eye and an attention to detail beyond their skills as a professional translator. Because legal documents often have key words and phrases that have an exact, singular meaning, it is important that translators are able to properly convey that meaning unambiguously in the translated version.

Additionally, many governments require that the completed translation is certified to ensure the translation's accuracy. Translation Services USA can help you with this process, which involves having a translator attesting to the quality of their translation in an affadavit, which is then notarized by a licensed notary public.

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