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Learn about the common French word comme

From Laura K. Lawless,
Your Guide to French Language.

Learn about the common French word comme

The French word comme can be a conjunction, adverb, or part of an adverbial phrase and is one of the most common French words

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Comme as a conjunction

Comme is a French subordinating conjunction meaning "as" or "since":
Il est arrivé comme je commençais à manger
He arrived as I was starting to eat

Comme il n'est pas là, je vais le faire
Since he's not here, I'm going to do it
Comme is commonly used in comparisons to mean "like" or "as":
Pensent-ils comme nous ?
Do they think like/as we do?

C'est une excuse comme une autre
It's as good an excuse as any

Comme as an exclamative adverb

As an exclamative adverb, comme means "how" or "so":
Comme tu es grand !
You're so tall!

Comme il fait beau !
How beautiful the weather is!

Comme + adjective

Comme plus an adjective means that something/someone seems to be that adjective:
Il était comme fou
He was acting crazy

Elle est comme désorientée
She seems bewildered

Comme tout

An adjective followed by comme tout means "so (adjective)" or "as (adjective) as can be":
C'est facile comme tout
It's as easy as can be

Il est sympa comme tout
He's so nice

Comme si

Comme si means "as if/though":
Il m'a parlé comme si rien ne s'était passé
He talked to me as if nothing had happened

Ce n'est pas comme si je suis riche !
It's not as though I'm rich!

Expressions with Comme

Comme is found in a number of common French expressions:
comme cela/ça - (just) like that, that way; (informal) great, terrific

comme ci, comme ça - so-so, fair

comme il faut - properly

comme il vous plaira - as you wish

comme les autres - ordinary, everyday

comme on dit - as they say

comme par hasard - coincidentally

comme qui dirait - (informal) as you might say, what you might think is/was

comme quoi - to the effect that, which goes to show that

comme tout le monde - normally, like everyone else

juste comme - just/right as

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