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Court Document Translation for Patent Litigation

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If you are involved in a patent litigation case and need to defend your patent in a market overseas, the quality of the translations in the original patent application as well as your other related court documents are going to be a key element in supporting and winning your case. A mistranslation in either of these can have serious and detrimental consequences. Even a single mistranslation of one sentence in a patent application or prior art can invalidate an entire patent, effectively losing all exlusivity and other rights to your intellectual property.

Setting the Standard at Home and Abroad

As an example: due to the rapid industrialization and of many Asian countries in the latter half of the last century, as well as the technology boom from products designed and produced across the continent, many patent holders in Asian countries have chosen to patent their technologies in other countries throughout the world. Because United States patent laws give stronger protections to patent holders than in many other countries, and additionally due to a history of decisions in patent cases handled by U.S. federal courts being upheld in international courts, the United States has become the primary jurisdiction for patent holders from around the globe both when filing and defending their patents in court. This influx in patent applications has also resulted in an increase in patent litigation as they have fought to protect their intellectual property overseas; because patent offices have their own standards for formatting in addition to their normal translation needs, this has created a need for specialized translation services for patent litigation court documents.

The Importance of Accuracy

Even when a translation error does not totally invalidate a patent, the sheer time and expense required to fight a lengthy litigation, especially in a court overseas, can be so overwhelming that the cost to even attempt to defend intellectual property can outweight the benefits of the patent in the first place.

For this reason it is important to make sure that your patent application and patent litigation documents have of accurate and precise translations up front. Only translators with a background and expertise in patent translation, law, and the technical field your patent covers will be of any benefit to you when it comes to patent litigation. For this reason, experienced translation services providers such as Translations Services USA are an important key to helping a court decide in your facor and protecting your intellectual property. We guarantee your patent application and any associated translations are accurately translated, and can provide certification documents upon request.

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