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Media and Entertainment Industry


Entertainment language translation is essential to widen your audience. We translate scripts for Hollywood; we do video game localization, and magazines.

Entertainment news may be a pastime for many when they are bored but a lot of hard work goes into it and a lot of hard working people take pride in their work. At Translations Services USA we work hard to complete you entertainment translation projects quickly and professionally, providing a full range of translation services for any project.

The Importance of Translation in Media

When someone goes to the cinema to see a foreign film, they expect to see professionally translated subtitles or an over dubbing that sounds like it was written in their language originally. Our professional native speaking translators can localize and translate into any language, with over 10,000 translators and growing in our repertoire, choosing the best translator for the job is what we do extremely well and is why we are a leader in language translation and translation services.

The key to the most accurate entertainment translation is using the right translators. At Translations Services USA, we've excelled at entertainment translations for years and we've got translator selection down to a science.

If you are in NY- or LA-based, or anywhere else on earth, we can work with you.

Media and Publishing

Media and Publishing Industry Translation Services

Media and publishing have primarily been locale specific, with specific areas getting its very own local TV network or news paper. Today a national or global audience is available and often seeks out publications for their interests. We can help you with your language translation needs for web or print.

At Translations Services USA we can handle large publishing translation jobs, book publishers often want to have their New York Times best seller available for other language markets fast. Our translators are fast and accurate; your deadlines are our deadlines and we work hard to make sure all language translation projects get done on time.

Professional Translators Trained in Media and Publishing

The secret to high-quality media and publishing translation is finding the best translators for the job. We've excelled at media and publishing translations at Translations Services USA for years, and we've got translator selection down to a fine art.

The media is extremely attuned to the time sensitive nature of getting news and information out. If a story is breaking, there is little time to waste. At Translations Services USA, we are developing ways to get projects into the hands of translators almost instantly and have them begin working immediately. Croudsourcing is a solution that will solve the time gap for professional language translation, with thousands of translators working together, around the clock, to complete projects.

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