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Translation Services USA vs One Hour Translation

Translation Services USA vs One Hour Translation

We are living during the time when all processes are automatically and electronically associated. Nowadays we can do a lot of thing without leaving our houses, as the Internet is a great helper in this case. A lot of special platforms and programs are being created as well in order to provide the society with all necessary items or services they needed without contacting them eye to eye and spending time on commuting. Physical processes are also being improved in order to be fast and effective. For instance, you can order food, clothes, other product online. What is more , different services are also available through the Internet today. And translation services are not an exclusion.

Since we are one of the most established and well-known translation companies in the USA, with a great deal of confidence, we can say that we are ready to provide you with a high-quality translation made by a professional translator in the shortest possible time through the whole America. But it should be said that thanks to the possibilities of the Internet, we are ready to provide our services throughout the world. Moreover, the translation delivered online will not be inferior to the printed version, and, for example, in the case of a notarized translation, the electronic version will also have legal force.

Of course, we are not the only company in the market that deals with translation services. Let us , for example, consider One Hour Translation, a company that is located in America and also provides services related to translation.

If comparing our companies, both provide delivery to different parts of the USA and abroad as well. However, we can guarantee prompt and accurate translation delivered in a timely manner. You can see it from the reviews left by our grateful customers on Google.

In addition, we are happy to inform that we work with ATA translators on a daily basis and all our translations are valid in any governmental or immigration structures.

One Hour Translation specializes in industries such as Translation, Proofreading, Transcription, DTP, Localization and Internalization. Besides doing the same, we go beyond providing our customers with such services as Interpreting, Voice Over translation, Video Game Localization and Video Caption.

While One Hour Translation logo implies the translation of any order within an hour, we are sincere with our customers. We cannot guarantee translation within an hour if it is a large project such as manual, working booklet or employee handbook. But we stipulate in advance the time frame within which we keep, no matter what circumstances occur . Translation work begins only when the client has approved all the conditions, including the deadlines for the work. We do this to avoid any pitfalls or misunderstandings.

Moreover, depending on the type of project, the language of the translation, the duration of the project, we always provide various kinds of promotions, discounts and bonuses. Contact us now and we will be happy to help you with your project right away.

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