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how to translate word document

How to Translate a Word Document

Microsoft Word is a very popular desktop software that is installed on 90% of computers worldwide. However, there is no easy way to convert .docx files into other languages such as Spanish, French and German without destroying the document’s layout and formatting. At least that was the case before. Nowadays, we will show you the…

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Google Translate Widget for Websites

Don’t Use Google Translate Widget on Your Website

Why We Don’t Recommend to Use Google Translate Widget on Your Website? Using the Google Translate plugin on your website may seem like a good idea – it’s simple to install, it’s free, it requires minimal effort on your part, etc. But remember the old adage of “you get what you pay for”! Here are…

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Audio to Text Transcription Service – GGLOT

It’s been over 6 months when we first launched the affordable online transcription service Since then, this tool was translated to 15 languages, transcribed over 6 million words and attracted 11,000 users. Not a bad start! We are glad bloggers are taking notice. Especially, in Brazil, the huge country with Portuguese speaking population. Check…

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How We’ve got to 10,000 Users in 6 Months

It’s crazy. Our newest SaaS startup GGLOT.COM turned out to be a great success. We’ve added 10,000 users in a matter of 6 months. That’s when the COVID-19 pandemic has begun, we were lucky (or unlucky) to launch GGLOT. Launch is a funny word. We didn’t launch a rocket like Elon Musk, nor we didn’t…

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Best Website Word Counter?

Did you know that we looked for a usable free website word counter for over a year and couldn’t find anything useful? When I asked myself: “How come there are no decent online website word calculators and in 2020 we still have to resort to some obscure ways of estimating the word counts?” I was…

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Lesson 1 – How to Research Competition, Setup Multilingual Website, Find Keywords

In this 7 lesson course, we will learn how to expand a website into two languages: Italian and Portuguese, how to find local competitors, how to setup Google Ads, how to monitor keywords and ensure we have conversions from foreign customers.

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Zoom Translation Services

With over 100+ countries around the world declaring pandemic and embracing some kind of social distancing, the need to conduct global commerce resumes. The flights are grounded, consulates are closed and businesses around the world seek new ways to communicate with their customers and potential clients. The video conferencing app has become recently very…

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Better Language Switcher? Translating Websites for WordPress.

It’s time to build something helpful for our users. As you know, not every foreign speaker likes to name languages in English alone. Some people prefer to write Spanish as Espanol and Russian as Русский. So, we’ve listened to the feedback and made this new language switcher readily available to our users. Upgrade to the…

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Work From Home – Job Opportunity at Translation Services USA

When the crisis hits, it’s time to search for new job opportunities. Today, Translation Services USA announces that we have a job opening for a freelance blog writer to join our company. As Covid19 has strongly hit the cities and lots of people are feeling the pain of self isolation, we are on the hunt…

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ConveyThis Review – Easy Multilingual WordPress Websites Translation

Easy Multilingual WordPress Website Translation with this amazing plug in ConveyThis. ConveyThis is built around efficiency. Their end-to-end website translation solution is ready to be deployed on any kind of website: WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, Drupal, JavaScript. Some users have experienced an average 50% increase in website traffic when expanding their businesses in more than 5…

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